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Unearthly Challenge

Game Environment Artists are able by virtue of imagination, create worlds of aesthetic value that sets the tone for a storyline and gives joy to an audience.

UNEARTHLY CHALLENGE, a challenge where various online communities and their artists can come together to create extraordinary art of fire temples, air ship docking stations, mountain citadels, wondrous vehicles and mysterious constructions from other realms of existence. Be it for prizes, to make some great friends/contacts, inspire others, show your talents, find a job, or to have loads of fun while testing your skills to the max, you only need bring yourself and your talents to appreciate this event.

- Unearthly Challenge

The look of UC IV is a bit different than all UC logos before it. This design alteration was needed to better reflect UC IV's upcoming theme.

An all new mobile friendly design for Unearthly Challenge IV - 2016.

A banner image created for Unearthly Challenge III.

I altered each background's colors and appearance to better match each community's banner and colors.

Team 1 of 7, Team heading banner created by the talented concept artist: Deng Yi-Jia Liu.

Team 6 of 7, Team heading banner created by the talented concept artist: Vladimir Manuhin.

UC II Banner. After this banner, future banners were created at a higher resolution and then shrunk to a needed web size. Since this one was painted at actual res, it ended up looking rather messy and pixelated.

The results for a first challenge of a multi-forum series: Unearthly Challenge I - 2008.


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